Going Where You Have Not Gone Before – The Unsafe Zone

Apr 29, 2019

It’s always a little scary going where you have not been before, especially when this relates to your success and personal growth. I get it and I feel it daily, so I fully understand.

To be honest it is why so many people go nowhere at all they just stay exactly where they are.  

Comfort Zones keep us safe because they are well known, comfortable (hence the the

name ). Our comfort zone and everything in them is predictable. The truth about the Comfort Zone is nothing new really happens there…no new opportunities or experiences show up is really just vanilla same old same old. If you are like me at all, the same old drives you nuts quite quickly.

“Life is supposed  to be about adventure, discovery and up levelling in every area of your life not repeating the same day and its events over and over like the movie Groundhog Day”.

I urge you today to go to the other end of the spectrum …. “The Unsafe Zone” (in your mind insert the theme song from twilight zone lol) Because it is there where the true magic in your life will be found. It’s just an illusion that is it unsafe in anyway, but your body and your mind will play tricks on you to make you feel like it is unsafe for sure.  

“As its only in the places we have not gone before where we can grow as humans, our bank accounts can grow and our love for ourselves can skyrocket”.

So today I challenge to you please do something different, mix it up, try something you never would normally try.  Every time you do this you life will change for the better. It’s time to expand, grow and shift & The time is now!




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