Dress For Success – Even If You Work From Home

Apr 24, 2019

Hey Sista, I get it …. You have those comfy yoga pants on and your like shut it girl I am not taking these off I will fight you first lol .

Well the good news is I am not necessarily thinking you have to change your ways. . Are you and I  friends again? Lol I hope I redeemed myself there . I mean it though. If those yoga pants make you feel amazing about yourself boost your confidence and make your butt look good which in turn makes you smile and in turn makes you more effective and in momentum in your work well than…. I encourage you to wear them everyday BUT if dressing down makes you feel sluggish, less productive and a little unresponsive it’s time for a style up change really just time to switch a few simple things up to make you feel like the badass boss babe you truly are.

I see a direct difference in the way I dress and my level of productivity in my business. When I am dressed to the nines ( we all have our own definition of that ) for me that is just ripped jeans, designer heels, red lipstick and my hair either straightened or curled I feel like I can take on the world.  Why? Because I feel most myself and when you feel like YOU and that YOU are at YOUR BEST SELF than… that is when tasks become easy and effortless and things that are usually hurdles you plow through simply because you FEEL FIERCE AND UNSTOPPABLE.

So don’t dress the way a mentor tell you to dress, figure out your own unique style and proudly sport it around your home office, on social media and anywhere you badass self feels expansive doing so.

Like attracts like through Quantum Physics so that tells us the more YOU you feel the more self confident , self assured clients and consumers you will find and most importantly THAT WILL FIND YOU!  

So….  Be yourself and have fun doing YOU 24/7 365 days a year because…. YOU ARE ENOUGH  and YOU ARE SIMPLY AWESOME!




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