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A 6-month Mindset Coaching Certification course.  With a curriculum that focuses on both the art of coaching and the science of the mind, you'll graduate with the skill and confidence to build a new career as a Mindset Coach or strengthen your knowledge base to get better results for your existing coaching clients! 

OCTOBER 1, 2021!


Want Belinda in your back pocket?  This is for you!  You'll get a full year of one-to-one access to Belinda - including unlimited Voxer access for in-the-moment coaching (this means 24/7/365 support!), monthly one-hour Zoom coaching sessions and unlimited email access to Belinda with 24-hour turnaround!  Talk about unstoppable!  Get ready for your best year ever!

Gain access to the tools you need to develop an unstoppable mindset as an integral part of a like-minded community!
Each month, you'll get
a themed visualization or meditation, topical mindset training video, journal prompts, prayers,
affirmations, media lists, exercises, pop-up trainings, a live Q&A, and so much more!