Meet Belinda



Belinda believes we are all unstoppable ! 

Belinda Ginter is an industry leader. Certified Emotional Kinesiologist, BET Success Mindset Expert. Her advise has been featured in Cosmopolitan, Business Insider, The Huffington Post and Thrive Global and many more large scale publications.

She has over 5 years of experience with 6,000 plus clinical coaching hours, working with thousands of clients worldwide.

She is a international speaker and has taken the stage in over 5 different countries, Hollywood,CA, Costa Rica, Portugal, Scotland, Las Vegas ,NV to name a few.

Belinda’s superpowers are her ability to love hard and soulfully hold space for others. Client have said that “she respects and loves you enough to tell you the truth when you need to hear in a truly graceful way”. “She is not afraid to deliver a mindset slap when needed”, in a world where so many things get sugar coated you want someone honest like Belinda in your corner.

She works intuitively directly with your soul and is able to point out things you just simply can not see in yourself that can be stopping you from having the success you truly desire. Her background in removing negative past family programming beliefs benefits her clients and they often are unaware of what is keeping them stuck.

Belinda’s clients describe her as being magical and caring, authentic and a true genius when it comes to slaying subconscious blocks. She is brilliant when it comes to mindset hacks and proven strategies.

Truly an expert who makes a difference with a unique ability to provide clarity effortlessly and quickly.

She is also a loving mother to two wonderful children Natel (aged 12) and Gavin (aged 7). She is the wife to the fabulous Dr. Derek Ginter Chiropractor/Acupuncturist extraordinaire and has two fur babies, Sir Winston a Shepherd/Boxer/Terrier mix dog & JuJu her soul mate siamese/rag doll cat.



“When you think of getting advice, what do you think?  You usually think you will get someone’s opinion and then put into action with what you agree. But what if someone could look into your soul, really know you, become your best friend in minutes and care about you?  This person now knows all your fears, wants and desires and then provides specific advice, not just based on your beliefs but your true self. That’s Belinda; she provides you with simple digestible business and lifestyle advice that is created, not from her, but from your own soul.”

Kelly F
Ontario, Canada