Client Love Notes


High Praise From Clients



“Belinda has a natural gift and talent. She has worked on me and I was so impressed as she had me crying the first few minutes of our session. By the way, I don’t cry easily. She is a great speaker and very teachable and coachable. I highly recommend Belinda as she is focused, professional and full of love. What she can find in an hour, others would take months to find their clients unhealthy beliefs. Contact her now, you’ll love the results!”

Dr. Rose Backman
British Columbia, Canada


“I have to say I have never met anyone like Belinda. She is truly an amazing woman. She has helped me in more ways than she knows. I had a lot of anger and negative energy in my life and working with her has made such a difference for me. She is always so positive and has such great energy. I look forward to my sessions with her. I only wish that I could meet her in person one day.  I would highly recommend her for anyone that needs help in all areas of their lives.  She inspires me to be a better person and has helped me realize I can get through things in my life. Without her I would be lost. So thank you for all you have done for me.” 

Jill M
Calgary, Canada

“I want to give a quick shout out to Belinda Ginter with whom I had a powerful emotional kinesiology session with. The shifts that I experienced after were powerful and that really liberated me. Thank you Belinda its clear your are in a zone of genius!”

Lana S
California, United States

“Within the last year I decided that I needed more out of my life. I had all the great things in life, great husband and kids, fulfilling career and lots of great memories/adventures. But I felt like I was living on autopilot – work, yoga, kids dance lessons, bed repeat…. I had been the primary source of everything for myself and my kids for a long time and I needed to learn how to get out of survival mode and into thrive mode. I discovered Belinda through mutual yoga friends and when she offered a special introductory offer I jumped at the chance. She felt “right” from the beginning. She could identify my areas of need and kindly pointed out the “stories” I was telling myself. I think most importantly she lead me down a path that showed me limitless potential within myself and with her guidance I broke through several barriers and came to a place of “Why Not Me!!!”. My days of blindly letting outside influences direct the trajectory of my life are behind me and with Belinda’s continued guidance I am super excited to see what lies ahead.”

Amber C
Ontario, Canada

“I used to be a very depressed and anxious individual. Despite making healthy lifestyle changes in recent years something stuck with me that I couldn’t move past. Over the past five months I have worked with Belinda to dig deep and understand why I think or feel the way I do. Some things were obvious to me and I could pin point a specific situation that changed my perspective for the worse but others were not so clear. Using BET to really get down to the root of who I am and why I am this way has helped me forgive not only others but myself and allowed me to embrace all parts of me. This is huge! I may be moving to Australia but my work with Belinda will never end!”  

Alyx A

“I have always been energetic and outgoing. However, when I moved out of my parents’ place to live on my own for the first time something shifted. It has taken reflection to really see that I had lost my power.

The workshop “Reclaim your Power” was something I would never normally consider because I didn’t “need” it. At this point though, I felt as though my sense of adventure and optimism were at an all time low and I had no idea why. I am so glad I realized in time to sign up for the workshop.

I had never heard of emotional kinesiology before and to this day cannot explain it. Let’s leave that part to the experts. What I do know is that I was so lucky to be selected to receive a treatment with Belinda that night.

What we discovered together is that I had realized my behavior toward my mother during my teen years was deplorable…and I had not forgiven myself or taken steps to amend this. I never needed that strong relationship with my mom when I lived at home, but craved it now that I felt her absence in my life (and I only moved a few blocks away!)

Belinda helped me through some Mantras of self forgiveness and we rinsed with a hot yoga practice afterward. The realization that my teenage self did not comprehend a bipolar, depressed military wife hit me hard. I had put my mom through the “ringer” with my unrealistic expectations of perfection and it cost me a closeness I hadn’t felt in a while.

From that time of forgiving myself I also carried forward a new respect and love for my mom that has allowed me to have patience in rebuilding our relationship. I can’t believe the screaming matches and tears when I think back, and my mom never deserved any of it. I and so thankful to be rid of that guilt and enjoying the relationship I have now with my mom.”

Deanna J
Ontario, Canada