17 Relationship Experts Reveal the Red Flags You’re Missing on First Dates

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“The first date should be about the chill, casual courting. If things move too personal and deep too fast, this could mean that trauma from childhood was not left in childhood but is still haunting the individual in their present. The inability to process emotions and deal with them in the past can lead to problems in their adult life.” —Belinda Ginter, mind-set expert

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10 small tricks that will make you feel happier, according to therapists

“Get up a little earlier because, by sleeping in, we sometimes start the day feeling groggy or in shame,” says Belinda Ginter, a certified emotional kinesiologist and mindset expert. “Simply getting up even 15 minutes earlier makes us feel more in charge of our lives and our schedules.”

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10 Valuable Things Extroverts Can Learn From Introverts


Belinda Ginter, a mindset expert in Ontario, Canada, said extroverts have a tendency to move fast because of their boundless energy. While this isn’t necessarily a bad trait, everyone can benefit from slowing down, too.

“Introverts teach us to give ourselves time to slow down, process and think through next steps and also to enjoy the process,” she said.

Ginter added that introverts know that life can be sweeter when you take mental timeouts where you can relax, enjoy and be grateful for all you have accomplished this far. You don’t always have to be doing something.

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How to actually save time working remotely


To avoid drowning in work, give your day some intention with a priority item. Belinda Ginter, a certified emotional kinesiologist who lives in Oshawa, goes further, recommending four priorities each day. She sits down every Sunday night with a glass of wine and sets attainable weekly goals. Every night, she draws from those four specific goals for the coming day. “By doing this, I am able to easily focus on what I need to do, even with the distractions of having children home. Even on my craziest days, I know I can complete four tasks,” she told ThriveGlobal. Put “proactive time” on your agenda: Zoom is a great place to visit, but you shouldn’t want to live there. Reserve time each day in your schedule for important but not urgent work.

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Focus on These 4 Principles to Balance Your Life


“Get children involved in your healthy choices. Have them shop with you and pick out new fruits and vegetables they have never tried … make it fun like a game. Set up a tracker where you write down how you were healthy each day and give gold stars for yourself and them.”

Belinda Ginter is an industry leader in Emotional Kinesiology, Success Coaching, and Mindset.

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Giving Yourself Permission to Love Again
Because you are worthy and deserving of love.


After any heartbreak, our initial human instinct is to shut down and to wall off the very thing we perceive caused the hurt and suffering in the first place.  We vow never to be vulnerable again. Often, we decide to go through life alone, thinking that must be the only answer. Because hey if you don’t leave the door open love won’t come to a knocking, right?!

We have all done it …. But in all honesty shutting down never serves us in fact we end up hurting ourselves more but this time it is self inflicted hurt which we seem to be able to tolerate. 

So how do we move on and allow love back in, when the thought of being vulnerable again makes us nauseous? Glad you asked! 

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I Survived the Attacks Thrival over Survival of Sexual Abuse


By Belinda Ginter, Success Mindset Expert, Certified Emotional Kinesiologist in BET

Yes. Like many, I was a victim of molestation at a very young age.
It was so confusing when it was happening because these attacks ended up happening more than once. I decided to speak up at a young age and speak my truth to involve others so it would stop. And by the grace of God the attacks did stop.

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Break Up With Procrastination


If you were to be brutally honest and transparent, how many times have you wanted an outcome, just the outcome not the journey .  I do this all the time to myself I want something so badly and because I am only the end result, can you relate?. In general we forget that we need to do the actionable steps to receive the prize the goal at the end. There is a journey to be taken.
I think this is why so many people experience  “analysis paralysis” leading to total procrastination. We have a tendency to overanalyze how to start and get stuck in perfectionism which prevents us from starting at all and in turn creates procrastination. Really this type of mindset is a huge form of self sabotage we engage in when you do quite feel good enough to complete the task in the first place.

Today I want you to make a list of all your desired outcomes. Don’t worry I did not just identify a problem and leave you hanging.  Here is an exercise to help you break this negative behaviour forever …

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Try These Tips Before Trying To Quit Any Negative Behavior


Business Survival Tips for Entrepreneurs

We all have tried to stop a negative behaviour at one point in our lives. Could be any negative behaviour such as stop swearing, cutting out pop drinks from our diet or even over spending. Most of us have this knee jerk reaction to this, a stop, start that goes on forever with no success to show for in the end despite our very best efforts.

Well not anymore. Follow my top tips to stopping any negative behaviour and finally get the success your craving.

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Stop Trying to Fix Your Partner/ Spouse


When we are coming from a mindset of “ I must fix’ we are simply not coming from a place of love or good intention. When we believe that we need to fix another person we are instantly only looking at what we perceived are their wrongs or negatives and totally denying their positive attributes.
First of all… You can not fix anyone other than yourself it’s an inside job, not an outside job. 
Secondly… Nobody is broken and needs to be fixed ( not even yourself) 
We are all whole, yes we can improve and make some strengths stronger and make some weaknesses less weak but we are whole from start to finish. 
What I have seen to be true after mentoring thousands of people worldwide is that you never need to fix someone else, if you work on your perception of the person and you work at shifting that, the other person shifts by osmosis.
You see, small suttle shifts in ourselves cause a beautiful ripple effect out to all those close to us. When we start seeing the goodness in you than you are finally able to see it in those people around us. 
If you want to fix someone starts with yourself first and what you will find is they will be nothing external to fix after that. 

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Beat the odds by following these 10 tips!


Business Survival Tip #1: Create a strong business foundation

“Set up your business right from the beginning. Register your business and its name, create a business plan and hire a player team starting with a bookkeeper, accountant, and business lawyer. Go to the bank and set up your business account properly so that when payments come in you have a certain amount come out right away to go to a separate tax account. Keep one credit card so solely for business purposes and accounting. Mostly I feel so many good business owners go out of business because they do not treat the business like a business they treat it like a hobby which gets them nowhere. If you start a business right you build a strong foundation for growth in the future.”
— Belinda Ginter, Owner, 
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How to Deal with Irrational People


You need to learn how to ground yourself around irrational people as often they are very reactive to things going on around them. Realize that you can not control their reactions and therefore knowing that you can not take their reactions personally.

If you are grounded in who you are and your good intentions, no matter what people react around you, irrationally or not, you will still be emotionally well.

I always visualize myself as a tree that is deeply rooted in the group. When someone is irrational, I just stay rooted and trust that their reactions can not phase me. Their overreaction or irrational behavior can be like a windstorm blowing my leaves but I stay rooted anyway.

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What Is Narcissistic Abuse? (Including the Warning Signs of Narcissistic Abuse in a Relationship)


Narcissistic Abuse happens over time. its manipulation where the narcissist gets you to only focus on them and their needs by neglecting your own.

It’s based on getting the victims to trust so that is why it is slow moving. What makes it so powerful is because it is slow-moving, the victim does not see huge changes in their own behaviors so they are no big warning signs to pick up on.

The narcissist’s goal is to alienate you from any other influencers like close friends or close family who may see their behaviors as being negative and warn you. They love and admire you and lift you up, then they slam you down and strip your self-confidence, this is often why narcissistic abuse can go on for years because as quick as they are to be terrible to you in the next breath they make you feel so special and needed like they truly see all that is you.

Its a relationship based on confusion and second-guessing and can often feel like for the victim like they are losing their mind. This is because anytime they get strong enough to call out the narcissist on their behavior, they are told that they are emotionally weak and are paranoid or just “off”. The abuser wins when you feel totally dependent on them and when you have lost your own power and feel helpless without them.

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Ways It May be Physically Hard To Move On After A breakup


“Just as your muscles create muscle memory when you work out, your body also creates emotional memories when you’re with someone in a relationship for an extended period of time,” Belinda Ginter, certified emotional kinesiologist, tells Bustle. Special moments like your first date, important places to you like your favorite bar to go to together, or even songs and movies, all create emotional memories. It’s why hanging out at your favorite bar post-breakup can make you feel really emotional. “When a break up happens, it feels like you’ve been torn away from not one thing you loved, but all things you loved,” Ginter says. “Your emotional memories want to take you back there because the memories created there were meaningful and pleasant. However, this can also create a hopeless feeling post-breakup if it lasts too long.”

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How to Improve Your Workplace Confidence


According to Belinda Ginter, Certified Emotional Kinesiologist, confidence comes with time but if you start by telling yourself that you are going to put yourself out there at work even 1% more per day, in a year you will have improved your confidence a whopping 350%. “By saying 1%, you take the pressure off yourself which helps you come across so much more organically and authentically as you strive to improve your confidence,” Ginter says. “Take small steps like volunteering for something, answering your boss’s questions and presenting small tips or ideas at a meeting. All great things take time, so relax and enjoy the process of becoming your most confident self.”

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7 Mompreneur Productivity Hacks


Success coach Belinda Gintner doesn’t limit her advance work to Sundays, though. Every evening, she takes 30 minutes to review her calendar for the next day, pack lunches and check backpacks. “Mornings are usually the hardest on working moms, so if you can do as much as you can the night before, your tomorrows are mostly productive, chaos-free and joyful,” Gintner says.

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The Broke Person’s Guide to Hanging With Friends


Eat at home first.

Even if you will be going out with your friends, you can take some steps to guard against spending more than you know you should.

“Eat at home first,” recommended Success Mindset Expert Belinda Ginter (@unstoppablebelinda_). “If your friend group is going out to a nice restaurant for dinner or a pub for snacks and you really can’t afford it than eat first. Fill up, then you only need to chip in a few dollars to snack when you’re at the restaurant. This takes the pressure off. And if everyone is ordering an entree you can get away with an appetizer to be more cost-effective.”

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7 Long-Term Psychological Effects Of Feeling Like You Weren’t The Favorite Child


Not being the favorite can also impact you in positive ways as an adult. “There’s a pleasure point to being the underdog,” Ginter says. “Since the pressure and spotlight was never on you, I think that drives you to be strong, driven and confident for sure in your later years.” It also allows you to have more freedom to be creative and thrive in your own time. “You have the advantage of being your own secret weapon,” she says.

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Here are 7 scientific reasons for which breakup is difficult not only mentally but also physically


Belinda Ginter is an expert on human emotions and says that emotional memory is similar to muscle. If you exercise, the muscle will remember this movement, and so is the relationship. A favorite movie, a place where you were on a date for the first time, or a common favorite song – it’s all affected by emotional memory. When the breakup happens, the brain feels that we have not only lost a partner, but also everything that has been associated with it. This is what makes people hopeless, because the brain tries to get it back at any cost.

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Expert Tips for Managing Remote Teams, Part II


Many remote workers believe the biggest benefit of working remotely is that you’re not tied to one place—the office. You can work from anywhere in the world, as long as you have your laptop or phone and the internet to stay connected with your team. Over the years, studies have shown that working outside of a traditional office setting positively impacts work performance, among other aspects. One such study cites 82% of respondents reporting lower stress levels.

But lower stress isn’t the only benefit of working outside the office. Belinda Ginter of shares: “Different settings spark creativity. Whether it’s a different room of the house, the local coffee shop, a coworking space, or the beach, encourage your team to switch it up sometimes. Then take note of how that impacts their motivation and work results.”

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8 Experts Give Advice For How To Deal With Assholes


If you have to engage with an a-hole, make sure the interactions are a finite amount of time. You don’t want them to take advantage of you or your good nature. “A-holes typically are energy suckers that look for your weaknesses and exploit them,” says mindset expert Belinda Ginter. “Often we are so open and good-hearted that we do not realize we are handing them our weaknesses on a silver platter every time we communicate with them. Set up boundaries of what you will share with them in your interactions and stick to those boundaries.”

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Netflix,’80s pop & coffee: How consumers get in the mood to pay bills


Belinda Ginter, a blogger and “mindset” expert, ritualizes bill paying by journaling.

“I keep a money magnet log every day,” says Ginter. “When I wake up in the morning I go on to my online banking and record all the money I have available to me in my saving and checking account. I also include the money left available to me on credit cards and lines of credit. What this does is make me feel abundant and it takes the focus away from debt and on to how abundant I am right now.”

Since Ginter completes the log every morning, she always feels positive about her financial situation.

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Why Do I Date People Like My Ex? 7 Reasons For Your “Type,” According To Science


“If we don’t work on ourselves between relationships we will tend to attract exactly what we had before because like attracts like (quantum physics tells us that),” Belinda Ginter, certified emotional kinesiologist who specializes in healing after adversity, tells Bustle. So if you’re in the same state of mind and situation you were in when you first attracted a bad match, you’re more than likely going to keep repeating the same choices until you work on yourself. According to Ginter, the best way to beat this cycle is to look for ways to complete yourself. “Make a list of all the qualities you are looking for in a life partner and than start modelling those characteristics daily in your own life,” she says. “That is when your perfect match will show up.”

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How Do I Stay Positive in a Negative World?


5. Stay Grounded

Belinda Ginter, Certified Emotional Kinesiologist, says:

  • Keeping yourself grounded is key to your well-being and really realizing that self discipline is the same thing as self love. That one was preached by the amazing grounded Will Smith. If you want things to appear only positive in your life and outer world, then you must be committed to being only positive in your inner world.

  • To stay grounded, spend time with your inner circle — the people in your life who are tried, tested and true. Spend time to commit to moving your body daily. Hydrate and fuel yourself properly.

  • Lastly, remember that your own happiness is no one’s job but your own. Do things that make you feel independently happy, positive and joyful daily.

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Going Into Business With Family: What You Need To Know


Before going into business with family you should be fully aware of the potential pros and cons.

On the bright side, family can be a huge support. “The truth is that nobody will care more than family about your business,” says Belinda Ginter, Certified Emotional Kinesiologist and BET Mindset Expert for Business. “I worked with my husband in two businesses and it was nothing but positive because when we were in the business we kept it professional and when we went home we agreed to leave the office at the office. I have consulted in businesses where mother-in-laws worked at the reception desk or brothers were partners. When there are strong boundaries, it has been a very positive recipe for growth.”

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10 Ways to Feel a Little Happier, According to Therapists


Wake up earlier.

Get up a little earlier because, by sleeping in, we sometimes start the day feeling groggy or in shame,” says Belinda Ginter, a certified emotional kinesiologist and mindset expert. “Simply getting up even 15 minutes earlier makes us feel more in charge of our lives and our schedules.

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17 Signs Your Partner May Be Emotionally Abusive


Gaslighting, isolation, and manipulation can all point to a toxic relationship.

One of the most common ways someone tries to take control of you and your life is by getting you isolated and distancing you from friends and family. After all, they want you all to yourself, says Belinda Ginter, an emotional kinesiologist.

“They try to manipulate you into believing they don’t feel your love unless you are spending the majority of your time with them,” she says. And this is also a tactic to stop your loved ones from being able to voice their concerns about your potentially emotionally abusive partner.

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How To Tell if Your Expectations Are Too High For a Relationship


Standards and expectations are not the same thing

When we have any or many expectations of others, we end up feeling let down or betrayed. It’s a form of self-sabotage. “The goal in a relationship is to limit the amount of expectations on our partners,” said Belinda Ginter, Certified Emotional Kinesiologist, BET.

Now, many confuse expectations with standards.

Expectations are projecting your version of your ideals on someone else and holding them to that level. Standards are a series of beliefs, value systems and traits you expect to see in an individual you choose to date.

Belinda Ginter

Ginter totally supports people having high standards and only calling forth into their lives what they truly desire. Yet, expectations is a different thing.

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Maximize Your Digital Detox: Four Ways To Enhance Clarity and Focus


Ease into the process

Going “cold turkey” on anything is difficult, and shuttering technology is no different. “It’s never a good idea to go from extreme to nothing in just hours, regardless of what negative behavior we are trying to break,” says Belinda Ginter, a certified emotional kinesiologist and mindset expert. Curb your digital distraction in small increments. Start by shutting off all devices by a certain time each evening then work up to longer periods of time. This naturally leads to a digital-free day once a week, and then you’ll be ready for a full week or longer without a tech connection.

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Are Your Relationship Expectations Unrealistic?


It’s not always easy to identify the difference between expectations and standards, things which could destroy and nurture a relationship respectively. Emotional Kinesiologist, Belinda Ginter, describes expectations as ‘projecting your version of your ideals on someone else and holding them to that level’ whilst ‘standards are a series of beliefs, value systems and traits you expect to see in an individual you choose to date’.

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Little Ways to Boost Your Focus and Productivity While at Home


These tips will help you stay on track, no matter how many distractions come your way.

Choose four main priorities each day

“On Sunday nights, I sit down with a glass of wine and plan out my week, setting attainable weekly goals that I want to complete by the following Friday. Each night, I look at those weekly goals and create four top priority tasks per day that will allow me to complete those goals by the end of the week.  By doing this, I am able to easily focus on what I need to do, even with the distractions of having children home. Even on my craziest days, I know I can complete four tasks.” 

—Belinda Ginter, certified emotional kinesiologist, Ontario, Canada

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