Belinda Ginter


New You With Belinda



Many of us are living a someday life.

You know someday I’ll be happy when I land that promotion, lose the last 5 pounds, when I meet the man of my dreams. 

New You with Belinda Ginter” is the answer to finding self-love and living a kick-ass life right now!  A treasured, international coach with twenty-five years of experience, Belinda, through one-on-one interviews and live emotional kinesiology testing will allow you to slow down long enough to get fully present in your life.  She has been described by clients as working in the “Zone of Genius.” Belinda has worked with a full spectrum of clients from CEOs to celebrities to single moms to students transforming their lives all in under an hour.  She is full of love and inspiration and delivers simple digestible business and lifestyle advice coming from your own soul.  Her TV show will be a standing date, a gift you give yourself.  It’ll be the ultimate expression of self-love. 

If you’re ready to live a self-loving kickass life, a “New you with Belinda Ginter” is a click away.