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Giving Yourself Permission to Love Again
Because you are worthy and deserving of love.

After any heartbreak, our initial human instinct is to shut down and to wall off the very thing we perceive caused the hurt and suffering in the first place.  We vow never to be vulnerable again. Often, we decide to go through life alone, thinking that must be the only answer. Because hey if you don’t leave the door open love won’t come to a knocking, right?!

We have all done it …. But in all honesty shutting down never serves us in fact we end up hurting ourselves more but this time it is self inflicted hurt which we seem to be able to tolerate. 

So how do we move on and allow love back in, when the thought of being vulnerable again makes us nauseous? Glad you asked! 

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The Louise H Reid Show
Episode 50 with Belinda Ginter: Mindset, Success & Emotions Expert


I had the great honor of being interviewed on the Louise H Reid Show an Internet Radio Station Called "Be Brave. Be Bold. Be Happy!" I invite you to tune in and listen this will be a very powerful discussion where I drop tons of success and emotional balancing tips.
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From Social Assistance To Six Figures: Belinda Ginter’s Story

written by Michelle

I recently met a woman who went from living on welfare to running a business making six figures a year. How did she do it??


I Survived the Attacks Thrival over Survival of Sexual Abuse

By Belinda Ginter, Success Mindset Expert, Certified Emotional Kinesiologist in BET

Yes. Like many, I was a victim of molestation at a very young age.
It was so confusing when it was happening because these attacks ended up happening more than once. I decided to speak up at a young age and speak my truth to involve others so it would stop. And by the grace of God the attacks did stop.

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Belinda Ginter, Mindset & Success Coach

Belinda joins Tiffany to discuss how to take back your power after adversity. Includes the 5 ways to journal your way to freedom.

Belinda Ginter On The Blissful Living Network TV Show